Belt Tightening in the White House

Aw Man!  Here you are at your first day as a staffer in the Obama White House and the first thing the new boss does is freeze your salary and tell you for whom you can and cannot work when you quit.  Dude, where’s your golden parachute?

Can you believe he made an example of his own staff before the ink was dry on the deals they were making with their lobbyist friends?   And HOW are they going to live on those pitiful $100 grand or higher salaries for the foreseeable future?  No raises?  C’mon Prez, take it easy.  The new guys already signed their leases and hired the nanny and the decorator and the cook and the ghost writer for their tell-all book which they will write sooner or later, depending.   Really cold.  A whole bucket of ice water in the face.  And on their first day.


It’s truly shocking!  Who in this country can make a living on $100,000 per year?  Its heartless I tell you.  Might have to give up the Starbucks, and THEN what?  Maybe downgrade from Luis Vuitton to Ralph Lauren?   Drive a USED Hybrid? 


None of that is good for America.  I shudder to think of the economic repercussions!


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