Joe Don’t Know He Ain’t the Show

Uh Oh!  Did you see Joe Biden trying to be spontaneous and inject a little humor into the swearing in of Obama’s staff yesterday?!  Barack’s body language and the expression on his face were a revelation.  “Just do the swearing in thing and get off the stage Joe before you embarrass us again.”  The Prez was not in a mood for levity, there was work to be done.  But maybe there was a little bit of the power thing goin’ on there – it’s not the Joe Biden Show, it’s the Barack Obama Show.  And don’t you forget it! 


Jay Leno pulled out footage from the campaign where Obama had a very similar moment with Joe who was trying to be funny and all “ain’t we great buddies” with Barack, and the future president gave him that SAME LOOK.  Jay had it right – it was that near eye-rolling dismissive look you give your crazy drunken uncle at the Christmas party. 


So much for the famous “cool” of BHO.  Don’t look now Joe, but you’re about to discover the location of the bunker where they kept Cheney all these years!  Barack will call you when he needs you.


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