What Now Sixburgh?

What are we going to do for the next six months now that the Super Bowl has been won and da ‘burgh has held its congratulatory parade/350,000 person group hug/semi-annual mosh pit for Troy Polamalu?


Any suggestions?


*  We could dedicate each month to a different winning Super Bowl and watch them on DVD.  This would give us another excuse to have the guys over for beer and bbq.  Like we need another excuse for THAT!   Maybe we could get Lowe’s Theater at the Waterfront to show them every Sunday from here until the first exhibition game.  Kind of like a double Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon.  They don’t call the guys the Lords of the Rings for nothing! Who wants to make that call to the management?


*  We could have a contest to see who has the most Steelers merchandise.  The winner would get MORE merch!  The natives here still have all of their memorabilia from those five previous wins.  Someone at work wore their Super Bowl XIII button this week.  Parents are getting to enjoy a second childhood by passing along their souvenirs to the kids. We handed down the Lynn Swann 88 jersey to our 12 year old son to wear on Black and Gold day at school.  But some souvenirs can’t be handed down:  I heard about a woman with Jack Lambert’s number 58 tattooed on her backside!


*  Turn our attention to the Penguins or Pirates?  The Pens more likely, but the Pirates?  Not if you want to watch a team win.  In our family during the seventh inning stretch when everyone joins in to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game we change the words to “if they don’t win it’s THE SAME.”  Still, lots of people go to Pirate’s games because they are affordable, the ball park is great, the food is pretty good and you can enjoy a nice long chat with your friends because not much of anything exciting happens during a Pirate’s game except for the Perogie Race. 


What are YOUR post-Super Bowl survival plans?


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