Ben Roethlisberger’s Home Movies

What the heck does Ben do with those fan videos he’s been taking?


When he and Troy and Santonio and Hines and James and Willie and Ike and Jeff get together do they actually watch these videos?   If they do, I imagine it might go something like this:


Ben:  “Oh man, this is awesome!  Guys!  Watch this!  This one is from the Pittsburgh parade.  It’s the part where the fans are cheering and waving Terrible Towels and shouting ’Go Steelers!’”


Willie:  “Yah, but wait until you see MY video from Tampa!  THOSE fans were cheering and waving Terrible Towels and shouting ‘Go Steelers!’ AND chanting “SIX-burgh, SIX-burgh, SIX-burgh!”


Ben (elbowing Santonio who is asleep in the recliner):  “Santonio!  Wake up man!  You’re missing this!”


Santonio:  “Huh?  Oh, uh ‘I just want to be the guy that makes the big plays.’”


Ike:  “You two chumps don’t know nuthin ‘bout makin’ movies.  Ben can’t hold the bleepin’ camera still and half of Willie’s footage is out of focus!”


Hines:  “C’mon guys, let’s not fight.  Nobody’s video is better than the other guy’s.  We don’t have to trash talk.”


James:  “Aw somebody go get a Kleenex, Hines is cryin’ again!”


Troy:  “When we get to my video pay attention! I need you guys to help me ID the fan who had his hand in my pocket when I dove into the crowd.  My wallet’s been missing ever since.”


Jeff:  “Guys, I’ve been thinking.  Maybe I need more black roots and less blonde tips.  Whaddya think?”


But seriously, what could be the point of taking those videos? 


My bet is it’s all about the babes!  Cuz I’m guessing he doesn’t have that camera trained on the hairy blitzed-out guys. 


I’m just sayin’.







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