To Dye or Not to Dye, That is the Question

      Is there just too much hard news right now or what?   Suddenly we’re talking about President Obama’s graying hair.  This is something I noticed at the pretend State of the Union address.  I am going to have to do some research here, because I wonder, is it true that stress makes your hair turn gray faster?

     Because I think it is an old wives’ tale.  Still, if you look at the record, all of the presidents who had to endure the 24 hour news cycle of cable TV have gone gray dramatically by the end of their first terms, and off the charts by the end of the second.  Except Reagan, because he undoubtedly dyed his hair.

     I am absolutely certain that the “image handlers” surrounding Mr. Obama have suggested a little touch up.  He is a modern man, fairly highly evolved as men go, and also young, so maybe he will.  Then again, he is so confident about who he is that he will probably look at those handlers with that same look he gave Joe Biden when he was blathering on and on at the signing-in of his staff, roll his eyes dismissively, and go watch his girls play on their new swingset outside the Oval Office window.

     He can’t win, either way.  If he does dye his hair the late night comedians will use it for monologue fodder.  The conservative talking heads will paint him as vain and a girly-man.  If he doesn’t, then he has to endure the “creeping gray watch” in the news.  Which is worse?

     Kind of a toss up if you ask me.  Either way it takes the country off-message.  And that’s not his style.

     So maybe he should dye his hair, just gradually, so as not to make it obvious, and to keep it from looking any grayer.  We’ll all get over it soon enough and get back to being depressed about the economy.  But we won’t be obsessing about what it’s doing to our president’s hair folicles.  And that might make us sleep a little better at night. 

     So everyone please call in to the White House and register your opinion on this subject so his staff won’t spend any of our stimulus funds on a gray-or-not-gray focus group!

     My vote?  “Dye baby dye! “  It’s purely in my own self interest.  I don’t want to feel responsible for making him age prematurely.

     Hey, wait a minute!  Maybe that’s the master plan here!  If we see him going gray, and we feel responsible, maybe we’ll step up and be the change!!!???

     The man is a genius.






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2 responses to “To Dye or Not to Dye, That is the Question

  1. Tom Awtry

    I’m not saying my News makes any sense or is Interesting; however I’m not a journalist either, but there is a lot of worth wild news to report on and along with that some positive, factual and informative news instead of looking for negative news.

  2. Some good observations. Thanks.

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