Tea’d Off Protesters Late for the Party

Do you think the fish in our rivers prefer Green Tea, Chai Tea, or plain old Pekoe?   Decaf or regular?  With lemon and mint, or without?  A lemon wedge, or some fresh mint might make the river water smell better but I doubt the creatures who call those rivers home will appreciate the meaning of “garnish.” 

No, the smattering of people protesting the bail outs would not have used anything but that famous American standard Lipton.  “Chai” is not a very patriotic sounding tea and that would ruin the symbolism.  Green, of course, has that  whiny save-the-planet liberal sound to it and we can’t have that.   If they had any sense of irony, they would have used English Breakfast.

Whatever flavor of tea these people are tossing into our rivers and hanging from their hat brims and piling onto malls, the fact is they are late for the Tea Party.  And not the original one, which is obvious.  The other one.  The one that somebody forgot to organize.  Because the tea party in protest of deficit spending and corporate welfare should have started, oh, lets see, about eight years ago.   Suddenly NOW they’re waking up to the effects of eight years of deficit spending on the Republicans Watch for crying out loud, and the HazMat crew we voted into office is expected to clean up the mess in 100 days?

It occurs to me that these river-polluting tea-tote-ers probably didn’t even pay for their own tea bags.  No doubt the fine folks at Fox News were handing them out free on site because otherwise these folks don’t have money to PAY for the tea bags since their jobs were already lost before we even elected Barack Obama and a good chunk of the current congress.   Back home they’re probably running the Folger’s thru the coffee machine  a second time to save money.

Whose job was it to organize the tea party while the Bush Administration ran up the deficit and ignored the signs that would have clued them off to this looming crisis?  

The only people who were complaining about it were the so-called liberals and a few level headed non-partisan economists, some of whom got asked to leave the Bush administration for being disagreeable with the boss.

Did you ever notice liberals don’t seem to be very easy to stir up?    Unless you count screaming at the TV or cheering on Keith Olbermann.  How many Marches on Washington had anything to do with a liberal cause?   Really, I’m asking.    Million Mom and Million Dad marches — I don’t really even remember what the cause was.  I’ll have to google it.   People of all stripes are willing to walk for the disease of the week, but they’re not willing to walk for something so nebulous as to knock some sense into a government that is no longer of, by or for the people.

In fact, the few liberals I know who DO march are often derided as nut cases, always trying to give our hard earned tax dollars to people who ought to learn to pull themselves up by their frayed boot straps and get a job.  

I was walking through Border’s the other day and my eyes landed on a large glossy coffee table book from the New York Times chronicling the rise of Barack Obama.   I opened it up and almost immediately got choked up.  Here he was as a little boy, there he was in front of thousands of teary eyed onlookers the night he was elected President.  If it didn’t cost over forty bucks I would have bought it on the spot.  

Contrast that scene with what I had been listening to on talk radio just before I went into the store.  The talk show host was speaking about the killing of the police officers in Pittsburgh, and how the killer had believed that Obama was going to take away his freedoms and, most especially, his AK 47s and the rest of his arsenal.   He believed the “I hope he fails” talk and the “be very afraid” mantra you can’t avoid on the conservative airwaves.

When did the world go so freaking crazy? That is a different world from the one I live in.  I live in the “I’m Proud to Be An American – Again” world.  Not the “Be Very Afraid” world.    I live in “There Is Hope” world.  

But I confess, not proudly, that I am probably not going to be the organizer of any protest march of the liberal kind.   If someone else wants to be, please do.  I’ve got your back.  But I’m going to keep on feelin groovy about this brave new administration and keep my head down because the fear mongers are the ones I’m afraid of.   You don’t want to “tea” these people off!


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