Government Boobs Pooh-Pooh Mammograms Before Age 50

I am no conspiracy theorist, but I smell a rat here.  We’re in the throes of health care reform decisions and we have to find ways to cut costs, right?   Women should not worry their pretty little forty-something heads over whether they MIGHT have cancer when they PROBABLY don’t have cancer even though the test was inconclusive and they have to do it again.  Because this is FAR more dangerous than the actual radiation being shot into their breast tissue.  And besides (I’m surprised this wasn’t in the report) it hurts like hell to have your breast squeezed between cold metal plates, and we just don’t want to put women through that any more.  Now, don’t we feel better hon?  Thanks.  We knew you would.

They tell us we can still choose to have the test, it just shouldn’t be routine at that age.  Soooo, IF we tell women they really don’t need to be screened that early, then when the new legislation comes through, there will be NO PROVISION FOR PAYMENT of screenings before age 50.    Am I right people?  That’s really what this is all about.

They made a deal with the devil on this.  The health care industry said this is a place you can cut costs.  Don’t make us pay for early screenings.  Don’t get us wrong, they caution, “We are firm supporters of the mammary gland feature on women.  However, we are much more interested in erectile dysfunction.”  So they will continue to pay for prescription medications to make sure men maintain their full functionality until they drop dead from attempting to father one more child with their twenty-something trophy wife at age 89.  Because that’s how much they care about the people they insure. 

Women don’t need any more dis-incentives to get these screenings.  It’s hard enough as it is to get us in there when we have to work full-time to maintain our health benefits.  My doctor has written a prescription each year for the last five years for me, and I have not yet followed through with an appointment.

I just got another prescription.  I’m going to make my appointment tomorrow.  Then I won’t have to worry that it might not be covered next year.  I have enough to worry about while I am looking for work and collecting unemployment compensation.



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2 responses to “Government Boobs Pooh-Pooh Mammograms Before Age 50

  1. marjorie

    i’m 44 and already had more than 3 mammograms in the past.
    my point is, i wish they were right coz i wouldn’t wanna
    have to undergo another one soon.
    like what you said, a mammo hurts so badly 😦
    by the way, i’ve been missing you lately.
    i really look forward to reading a new entry from you again.
    You are quite hilarious and definitely an excellent writer.
    “Blogger succumbs to common virus” is one of my all-time
    favorites. whenever i need some lift, all i have to do
    is open and reread your humorous blog posts.
    thanks a lot!

  2. Well thanks Majorie for the kind words. I so rarely get a comment I nearly missed yours, but I really appreciate you taking the time! I was in a hospital recently where I asked a nurse her impression on this and she absolutely agreed that it was all about finding a way not to pay for insurance companies to deny coverage of the test, and she was furious about it for personal reasons as well. There is an article about Theresa Heinz being in treatment for breast cancer that was caught by a mamogram and she is calling attention to this travesty. Here is a link:

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