Discover Ryuu World: New Anime-style trading card game for people on the autism spectrum

If your child needs help developing stronger social skills, there is a new tool for teachers and parents that looks and feels just like the trading card games Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.  

Discover the world of Ryuu!

Ryuu means dragon and the playing card game is based on a fantasy world filled with dragons that hatch from eggs and evolve into higher levels (sound familiar?).  But there are some dragons who are not fitting in with the rest of the Ryuu world.  They are hindered by dark forces and helped by light forces.  The game helps players identify emotions and talk about barriers within themselves and in the world around them that are keeping them from fitting in.

The game was developed with the help of Pittsburgh autism expert Rebecca Klaw, MS, MEd.   According to her web site Autism Services by Klaw, the card game is intended to be used by parents, teachers and therapists in “supporting the development of social skills in children and teens with high functioning autism and Aspergers.  These aids use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies, tailored for individuals on the autism spectrum, in a popular, creative and normalizing format.”  

The Ryuu web site includes a video introduction and you can order the products online for a reasonable cost.  Products include the card deck, an online downloadable game, a CD about the world of Ryuu, rub-on tatoos, stickers and a poster, as well as resources for teachers and parents.

Rebecca Klaw has worked since 1988 as a consultant, trainer and advocate for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families.


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