LOST finale a Titanic disappointment

With a couple days now passed since the LOST series finale, I have had time to reflect on my reaction and to read how others either loved or hated it.  I am ready to go on record that “The End” was a major disappointment.  Sure it was good to see all of the lovers find one another again.  I got a little verklempt, but just a little.  After a couple of those it just became a checklist of characters getting zapped and suddenly recognizing each other with wistful longing in their eyes. 

I am one of those who expected a few more answers. 

For instance, the second to the last episode was titled “Why They Died.”  False advertising.  No clarity on that point was provided.  Why the bleep did the light need to be guarded?  Apparently so the island wouldn’t fall into the sea?  So what?  Good riddance!   

And wouldn’t it be nice to know why Allison Janney’s character was put on the island and whether she really had some kind of magical powers and why she was guarding the light? And who decided to make her look like a flower child who never grew up but certainly grew older with those terrible limp and stringy hair extensions?  I would have demanded some mousse or at least some color and highlights!  Definately better lighting!

And why didn’t the man in black ever get a name?  Jacob and…. what’s his name?  Sorry kid, I am fresh outta names for boys here — let’s just call you “son.”  I’d be p.o.’d at mom too!  C’mon!  Clearly they were an archetype of both Caine and Abel and Jacob and Essau and a few other brothers-at-odds in the pantheon.  Was that the point?  Too obvious?

I DID love it when Vincent the yellow lab survived it all and laid down by Jack’s side while he died.  Nice touch there. 

So does the Island still exist? Is there somebody guarding the light? 

And speaking of light motifs – the scene in the church reminded me of two other epic movie endings.  First I flashed on one of the many “endings” in Lord of the Rings Return of the King when the hobbits were all ensconced in light and smiling and laughing but there is no dialogue and its all in slow motion.  All of the remaining members of the Fellowship come in to gaze upon the hobbits as they are all together again having completed the journey.  I hated that scene.  

But the primary connection I got from the LOST final moments was from another epic film.  That scene in the church made me think I was watching the end of Titanic after Rose dies and her ghost returns to the ship where all of the passengers are waiting for her to be reunited with Jack, her one true love.   I knew I had seen that scene before.   I wonder if producers Cuse and Lindelof are scratching their heads now and saying the same thing to themselves?  Kind of like those lame “alternate” endings on the Jimmy Kimmel retrospective.

And don’t get me started on the waste of time THAT turned out to be.  It looked like even the cast was embarrassed to be there after six long years of mostly intriguing story telling came to that Titanic mess of an ending.   But then again, they DID get to live in Hawaii! 

Jimmy Kimmel did open the show with the best line, however, when before a subdued and tearful live audience he asked us to stay tuned to answer the question “What the hell just happened?”


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