Calling authors and photographers: Snowmageddon 2010 submissions wanted!

I’ve been too busy to work on my e-zine – Pittsburgh Alfresco – after becoming gainfully employed again in January.  But I have these great pictures of the snowstorm of the century and I know others do too!  Plus you have a story to tell about being unable to get out of your home or your neighborhood, not to mention a week of no school.  The Snowmageddon issue will go out as a commemorative issue after Thanksgiving.  Please go to and click on the Pittsburgh Alfresco page for more info, or click on that page right here on Weebeebloggin and get the same links!  Here is a copy of the front page to get your creativity flowing.   Meant for amateurs only, this e-zine is a place to get your stuff published and promote one of the most liveable cities in the world!


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