Paul McCartney opening Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center

I saw the Beatles in 1964 at the ripe young age of 9 at the Portland Memorial Colliseum.  I say I saw the Beatles because I could not hear the Beatles for all of the screaming.  I still have no idea what that was all about!  I never felt compelled to scream once. 

We didn’t have great tickets and my uncle escorted me.  It was even his idea!  He and my aunt didn’t have any kids and they took us to things now and then.  I’m not sure why he invited me but I wonder if he was a fan.  It’s too late to ask now.  He’s sitting on a cloud listening to “John and George Unplugged” these days.   But its fun to be able to count myself among those who actually did get to be at a Beatles’ concert.  Its a bucket list thing.

So when it was announced that Paul would be the opener for the new sports and entertainment venue in Pittsburgh I really wanted to go.  It would be great to actually HEAR a Beatle in concert, and likely the last chance I would have had.   But I didn’t even attempt to get tickets – I knew it would sell out in a nano second.  Turns out to be a good thing because I have to work that night.

And yet I am a bit envious of those who are going.  The Beatles are such a major part of our youth and even our kids can sing their songs.   I don’t think you get much call at Karaoke bars for Mack the Knife or My Way.

So if you’ve got tickets, congratulations.  Enjoy.  I think I will come home and put Live in Red Square on DVD.  You can’t beat the price of admission and the seats are great.  Plus the concert took place before Paul started dyeing his hair and cutting back on the weed to make his future-ex-wife happy.  But mostly its worth it to see Vladimir Putin in the front row trying not to look like he’s enjoying himself.  Back in the USSR indeed.


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