The “Dino-Chickens” are coming! Run away! Run away!

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“I’m sure there will be a Dino Chicken … I  think we will have a Dino Chicken in 5 years.” 

That was the stunning announcement at the end of this past week’s 60 Minutes report by Leslie Stahl on the new work being done by famed paleontologist Jack Horner.  Horner was the inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park films, and a consultant to those films. 

If he is correct, the Dino Chicken should hatch out complete with long tail, teeth, and tiny arms with claws where the wings once were.  Horner says that chicken embryos already start out with long tails early in their development and something in their DNA turns off that switch.    If they find the switch, they can turn it back on.  He discusses the reversal of extinction in his book How to Build a Dinosaur.

His research has taken a dramatic turn leading to some degree of ridicule in the scientific community since he began slicing dino bones in two and sending them to a colleague who found tissue that she determined was blood vessel inside.   The Horner team believes this will soon lead to the discovery of dino DNA and are taking precautions in their excavations to keep the samples pure by wearing surgical gloves, a practice never before considered necessary.

His colleagues are critical of the bone-slicing (not to mention dino egg slicing)  as well.  His reply?   An egg is a little present.  You have to open it up to see what it is. Glue is cheap! 

Check out the video and see for yourself!  Then prepare for the new boutique pet of the Easter Season by the year 2020– baby dino chicks!   

One more ramification?  The demise of the phrase “as scarce as hen’s teeth.”


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