We are (almost) the Champ-yinz

Pittsburgh - Historic City of Champions!

The Steelers have done it again!  Payback time for the Ravens.  Trash talk about breaking Ben’s nose again didn’t help their chances, even though they had us on the ropes after just the first quarter.   It is a great feeling to be in a town with a legendary football team whose players take the high road.   This team was hot in the 70’s and then took a couple decades to get back to form, but here we go again.   Ben seems to have redeemed himself personally (reports are he’s even engaged) and on the field — he didn’t even play the first four games.  Even the Raven’s players said “it isn’t all Ben.”  Its the team.  And this year we got ourselfs a nice new little ditty to sing — a ripoff of a Beyonce song called ” Steeler Ladies” which I will direct you to now for your listening pleasure.

And here is an interesting numbers game from someone on Facebook.  No idea of its origins:  Steelers are chasing a 7th super bowl in their 77th season, BEN is # 7, who is in his 7th season, he was also the 11th pick. In order to advance, he must beat the Ravens for the 7th straight time, for a chance to possibly avenge a loss 7 seasons ago, against the team that just so happened to win the Superbowl 7 seasons ago. If Ben wins number 7 in 11, it would also be his 11th playoff victory.  AND the city is in SEVENTH HEAVEN!


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