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Is Tim Tebow the Messiah?

Tim Tebow giving God the glory

Here’s the thing.  If God wanted to get the attention of as many Americans as possible right now, how would he do it?

Would he start small by appearing to a few people and asking them to spread the word that he’s back?  That worked pretty well last time around, except it took a few centuries to really take hold and quite a few people got martyred as a result.

With the internet, the word could spread immediately with posts on Facebook.  What are you doing?  “OMG I saw Jesus today and he said to tell you all he’s back and wants everyone to meet next Saturday night at Mile High Stadium to prepare for the rapture.  Please post this on your wall and ask everyone you know to do the same.” 

But the shelf life of a Facebook post is kind of short.   Twitter might be able to drum up a pretty good crowd for Jesus in Denver with a flash mob shout-out from Ellen Degeneres.  IF she offered a couple grand in cash to the person who could point out Jesus in the crowd.

How is Jesus going to get our attention?  How will we KNOW its really him? I mean, there are so many distractions right now –is it really a good time for Jesus to return?

We’re trying to pick another president for crying out loud!  The Republican Primary is in full swing and has become a platform for discussions of morality and pondering the question of whether certain religions are “true” Christian religions, and, whether, if you commit adultery but are very, very sorry about it, that’s good enough to qualify you as the favorite candidate of true believers.

This is all probably Satan’s doing, of course.  Satan operates not unlike Rupert Murdoch in putting out disinformation that is tantalizing enough to keep us distracted from the truth.  We can’t handle the truth.  It’s just not that interesting.  The primaries are only interesting because they are like a reality show.  On this show, we watch the players scheme to eliminate the other candidates before we get the chance to vote them off the ballot.   Maybe if we got to text our votes in November, more people would play along at home?

What of those who are not paying attention to politics?  They are likely distracted from the news that “Jesus is back in the building” because they have no jobs and fear they will soon be homeless.  Or they are living in fear that their kids will put them out to die on a rapidly melting iceberg (curse you, global warming!) because they can’t afford a proper nursing home.  Actually, that last one might not be so bad — from what I’ve seen, the iceberg might be preferable to the nursing home.

But I digress.

Ok, we have a lot going on in our lives, and we’re pretty focused on day-to-day survival.  But we still have the one simple distraction from our misery that is open to all economic groups, races, cultures, ages, and genders.  And that is sports.  Sports fandom to be exact.  It gives us hope when there often is none.  Where I live, it’s one particular sport: Football.

Enter Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos v. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Who wouldda thunk it?” said one of the commentators after the six-time Superbowl Champion Steelers lost in overtime because of a Tim Tebow pass that was taken all the way to the end zone.   Improbable.  But it happened.  Incredible.  Tim Tebow is either the luckiest stiff in the NFL or he truly has God on his side.

Our guys pray too.  They go to church.  They talk about their personal relationships with Jesus Christ too.  But Tebow!  He’s OUT there.  Like it or not, he has created world-wide buzz about his commitment to Jesus Christ not just because he talks about it, and not just because he takes a knee on the gridiron, but because the man just keeps coming through when he has to.

The Broncos could have won that game in overtime by moving the ball steadily down the field yard by yard and then kicking for the 3 points.  But no.  The so-called “inconsistent” passer puts it right in the hands of the receiver and the Steelers’ diminished defensive line is powerless to stop him.  Season over.  Just like that.

The only reason I can find for Tim Tebow’s success is that he actually IS Jesus Christ incarnate.   He’s just enough human to fumble a few now and then and he’s just enough God to deliver when it really counts.  His witness on the field and off is unapologetically directed at drawing attention to God.

If you want to get the American public’s attention, you have to go where they are.  And where they are on Sunday is at the football game — in the stands or in front of the TV.   Tim Tebow is news, and because of last week’s game even MORE people know about him and are talking about his faith and wondering — is God really answering his prayers?  Will he answer mine too?

So there you have it.  There is no other explanation.  Tim Tebow is the Messiah.

See you all in Denver for the rapture!  Dress warm — you won’t need to pack for this trip.  It’s one way.



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Penn State: Fight for her honor

image from Associated Press

Penn State prayer vigil (image: Associated Press)

The worst week in Penn State history.  Without doubt.  And some reports suggest there may be more disturbing news to come.   Could there be anything more disturbing than what we already know?  That children were sexually abused by the very people who purported to act as their protectors and advocates?  And that powerful people were more concerned about protecting the image of the University than bringing the perpetrator to justice?

In the news this week the focus was all on Joe Paterno and the question of whether he did enough with the information he had.  In our heart of hearts we could not believe Joe knew anything about it.  We pleaded with the TV screen: “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”  But gradually we learned the truth.  He knew enough.  He should have done more.

The outrage for the victims of these crimes took far too long to surface in the media.  But not on the Penn State campus. It was a poignant moment when, instead of the traditional pre-game rally, students held a candlelight vigil for the victims.

“Penn State’s Old Main lawn glowed with the light of candles late Friday as thousands of students and alumni gathered to pray for the alleged victims of a child sex-abuse scandal that has left an anguished campus searching for ways to heal.

The massive gathering outside the university’s administrative nerve center was the first step toward healing, said its organizers, who felt some on campus had lost sight of the scandal’s greatest casualty, the eight boys former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been charged with molesting over a 15-year period.

Jessica Sever, a senior public relations major who organized the candlelight gathering, said her classmates were yearning for something positive amid a torrent of negative publicity.

She was among the somber crowd that filled nearly the entire lawn, where another contingent rioted two days earlier after the university trustees fired iconic football coach Joe Paterno.

Friday night’s crowd numbered as many as 10,000 by some estimates.” (Sadie Gurman

It is interesting to note that the organizer of the rally was a student.  She is a public relations major, but let’s not hold that against her — this was a PR nightmare and she had the right response.   But I am jaded enough to wonder: If she hadn’t organized the rally, would the University’s PR machine have done so?  Frankly, I think she put them to shame by getting it done as quickly as she did.  I envision the PSU marketing and development staff huddled around their TV screens watching the vigil, sort of like you would see on The West Wing when a news story was breaking:  everyone silent, but looking into one another’s eyes knowing they were screwed and thinking how to put the spin on for the press conference.   The Penn State staffers were probably smacking themselves on the forehead for not thinking to organize a vigil themselves.

It is very sad that this marks the end of the career of one of the greatest coaches in college football history.  But I want to think that the Joe Paterno we all thought we knew would respond “My legacy is not important. My legacy will be nothing if the children who were harmed do not find justice.”


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Keisel’s beard shaving event benefits Children’s Hospital cancer patients

Pittsburgh Steeler Brett Keisel’s beard donated itself to charity today with the first snip coming at the hands of team president Art Rooney II.  Keisel introduced Rooney by saying “I hope this is the only time he cuts me.”  400 fans paid $25 each to view the event, raising over $30,000 for the hospital.

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