About Weebeebloggin’

     If you are a blogger or blog reader, you are someone hoping to make a connection. You may be seeking someone of like mind, or someone from whom you can learn a different point of view.  The great thing about it is you can make those connections with people who live in parts of the world you will never be able to visit. 
     And here we are in the early third millennium and yet we have family members whose stories still recall how it used to be “back in the old days” before there were blogs or webs.  My grandmother’s story is one of those.  
     As a very young girl, my grandmother travelled from Wyoming to Oregon on an honest-to-goodness covered wagon!  She later lived a good part of her younger adult life in the Oregon desert herding sheep with her husband and four children in a house with a dirt floor.  She was nearly 95 years old when she passed away.  During her lifetime, technology and society began to evolve in giant leaps as one new invention led to another:  the telephone, audio recordings, talking movies, black and white television, then color television, color photography, commercial air travel, satellites, space travel, the nuclear arms race, personal computers, the Internet, mobile phones. 
     I don’t believe she ever found much use for “new fangled” gadgets.  I doubt she ever set foot on an airplane. In fact, I doubt she ever saw a movie in a theater.  It just wasn’t important to her.  She has been gone for more than a decade, but I still marvel at how much the world changed during her life! 
     With so much change happening at such an amazing pace, it is no wonder that some of us may be struggling to keep up.  A young child once mis-heard the narrator of a science program on television explaining the speed of light.  When his mother asked what he was watching,the child said “It’s a show about how some day people will be able to travel at the speed of LIFE!” 
     Life definitely kicks into hyper-speed on the downhill side of 50.  It can make you a little crazy.  So this blog is one way I’m working to keep myself sane by filtering out some of the stuff that comes into my brain via my life and see if makes any sense.  In this analogy, a blog is a little like Professor Dumbledore’s “penseive” in the Harry Potter books.  A penseive is a place to put little bits of memory for safe keeping.  You take your magic wand and pull them out of your mind and deposit them into the penseive.  I thing of the ideas here as a thread of thoughts posted for safe keeping with the idea that they might ring true for others who happen to take the time to read them.
Lucinda Wiebe
Pittsburgh, PA

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