pittsburgh alfresco e-zine

Local perspectives on the natural allure of southwestern Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.

A new venue for amateur photographers, writers and artists to be seen and contribute to the image of the Pittsburgh region as a great place to live and work.

Say “Farewell” to Summer and the City – newest issue now online!

Commemorative Issue “Snowmageddon 2010” awaits submissions from authors and photographers!  Tell your story of surviving the blizzard in Pittsburgh — let the recollections of just a few weeks ago help you chill out in the summer heat and humidity!   Here is a pdf of the cover for inspiration:  Pgh Alfresco Snowmageddon

Autumn 2009 issue now available in pdf format.   A WeeBee Designs Publication.

In this Issue:

  • Great Outdoors:  A Walk in the Park is Just Minutes Away
  • In Our Own Words:  Making Pittsburgh Home
  • Painting from Life:  Interpreting the Region’s Landscapes
  • Day Trippin’:  Miles of Smiles Await on Pittsburgh’s Rail Trails

Submissions open for amateur photographers, writers, and artists from southwestern Pennsylvania, past and present. See the magazine for guidelines.  Send submissions to pittsburgh.alfresco@gmail.com.

The  following subjects are of particular interest:

  • First person articles, prose and poetry about making Pittsburgh home
  • Features on groups, people, business, non profits with a related mission
  • Photography covering parks, neighborhoods, architecture, recreation
  • Photos of fine art from amateurs related to the magazine’s mission

Winter issue will feature more of the city proper, including the mural projects.  Photographers also encouraged to submit winter scenes and outdoor holiday lights.


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